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Who We Are

Established in 1995, we produce custom branded beverages and containers with your branding on the bottle (also known as 'private label' or 'store brands').  While beverage branding is our core,  we're not your traditional beverage company.  Rather our business is driven by the increasing demand for sustainable, eco-friendly products. Considering this and our branding experience, we also offer custom printed containers, filled and empty, in addition to beverages. It's the perfect fit given our global access to a supply chain of container manufacturers. This unique combination of products and services gives us a competitive niche within the beverage and  container marketplace. While traditional container companies may also offer print services they don't typically provide beverages. And while beverage companies sell beverages, they don't typically offer customized drinkware. Yet in today's health conscious, green-oriented environment, as companies seek ways to increase upside advantage on their green initiatives, we offer a portfolio of re-usable green products and lead-free direct-to-glass printing.

What We Do


Private label soda, bottled water in glass & plastic, seltzer water, sparkling juice, custom label personalized wine, and energy drinks. We also print wine and champagne bottles sold by our partner network of licensed wine wholesalers and vineyards. You can use our web app to design wine labels online. or opt for one of our more permanent print options described below.  



The container side includes our GoGreen GoGlass (G2) Collection  of swingtop glass bottles, decanters, wine bottles, favor-size glassware and yes Japanese Masu wood sake cups.  But don't miss the latest addition to our G2 Collection, the award-winning Tkaro Glass, a chic designer container made of  glass and stainless steel, definitely in a league of its own. 

Print Services

We specialize in direct-to-container screen printing, etching (sand blasting into the glass), bottle frosting, and decaling. While label options are available for beverages, direct container printing provides re-usability and lasting impact beyond the wear and tear of paper labels.


A line of select beverage packaging accessories including wood wine boxes, high heel wine bottle holders, and the elegant Corky Kouture® luxury wine and champagne bags


Usage/What's in it for u?

Our products and services are used for conventions, retail sales, special events, restaurants, hotels, wineries, university and corporate green initiatives, water filtration systems, staff gifting and much more.  Supported by a network of bottlers and manufacturers we are positioned to service large and some small production runs.


What's New

By client request we've added the distribution of one premium non-customizable bottled water brand: Lurisia Mineral Water of Italy. This is the same Lurisia water established in 1917 that is used today for hydrothermal treatments at Italy's famed Lurisia Spa, Istituto Idrotermale Di Lurisia S.R.L due to its fine health properties.




What We Don't Do (click here): Since we're frequently asked to do projects outside the scope of our work, save yourself some time and click here to see things we do NOT do.  As a general rule we prefer to stick to what we do best rather than waste your time on projects outside the scope of our work.



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