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Gladiators Reserve Scandalicious
For your Scandal TV parties

* Custom Label Wine
* Non-Alcoholic Concord Grape Juice
* Stiletto Wine Bottle Holders
* 750ml. Wine Glass
* Custom Labeled or Print-on-Bottle

GladiatorsReserve Scandalicious

Red Wine: Custom or Non-Custom

What makes it different? Buy custom or non-customized bottles. We offer you the option to add your name, business, or favorite Scandal quote on the bottle. Great for contests, games, general beverage service and more.

Red Wine

Non-Alcoholic Champagne: Custom or Non-Custom

Different from the standard supermarket brand, we offer sparkling Red Grape and Muscatel grape juice in elegant champagne-corked bottles. Non-sparkling Concord Grape Juice in a bordeaux bottle and screwcap sparkling cider is also available. So even if you live in a non-alcohol shipping state, you can still enjoy Gladiators Reserve.

Non-Alcoholic Scandalicious


for the 2014 Season Premier
* Custom Label Wine
* Non-Alcoholic Champagne
* Stiletto Wine Bottle Holders
* 750ml. Wine Glass
* Special Print-on-Bottle

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Accessories: Bottle Holders & Wine Glass

Only sold in bulk: Minimum for holders $300.00. Inquire for all prices. Your clients will love these fashionable bottle holders and extra large wine glasses.

Bottle Holders and Glass
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