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Remember when you could smell the vanilla in real Vanilla Cream soda? Remember when music was simple: rock and roll, and Motown Soul?  And of course you remember American Bandstand and the days of Doo-Wap music.  Our soda captures the essence of those great times.  


  Shortneck (shown below) - 12 oz glass
Minimum 20 cases, 24 bottles per case. total: 480 bottles

  Traditional Longneck - 12 oz glass
Minimum 1 pallet, 60 cases, 24 bottles per case, total: 1,440 bottles

  Custom Cans - 12 oz cans
Minimum 40,000 cans Request quote for cans



  1. Birch Beer

  2. Black Cherry

  3. Diet Root Beer

  4. Fruit Punch

  5. Ginger Ale

  6. Grape

  7. Orange

  8. Orange Cream

  9. Root Beer

  10. Vanilla Cream

  11. Rasberry Lime Rickey

  12. Pineapple

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